China 2008 Roundtrip

A red Panda eating bamboo. : Chengdu Shanghai  The swimming pool of our hotel. It's great and at night there are a lot fireflies. : China, Hainan  Climbing the highest mountain of Hainan we came across this waterfall. : China, Hainan  View from Wuzhi Shan with his 1867 meters the highest mountain of Hainan. Not many people managed to climb this mountain that day: 38 degrees Celsius and a humidity of almost 100%. But we made it. : China, Hainan  The harbour of Sanya. : China, Hainan 
A monkey on the "monkey island" near Hainan. It's not my style of amusement because they train the monkeys to entertain people. But this little fellow looked so nice that I had to take a photo. : China, Hainan  An other monkey on the "monkey island". This monkeys love to swim (it's only a small island so they had to get their food out of the sea). You arrive at "monkey island" by cable car, and that cable car line is the largest in the whole world. : China, Hainan  A man repairing the fishingnets in the harbour of Sanya. : China, Hainan  This guy fishes seaweed. Common used in Chinese traditional medicine. : China, Hainan  Drying the seaweed in the harbour of Sanya. : China, Hainan 
Our first stop was the Island of Hainan. Hainan is in the far south of China, it's very close to Vietnam. This is an allmost unspoiled island, green with tropical rainforest. : China, Hainan  Where would they have the biggest artificial waterfall in the world? Las Vegas? No, it's in Chengdu. : Guilin en Chengdu  The two pagoda's in Guilin give a great view at night. : Guilin en Chengdu  An glass bridge on the Rong Lake in Guilin. : Guilin en Chengdu  Boat trip on the Li river. : Guilin en Chengdu 
This is a famous tourist spot for the Chinese also, so prepare for a boat trip full of noise and alcoholic drinks. : Guilin en Chengdu  The view is stunning on the Li river. : Guilin en Chengdu  Farmers houses in the ricefields near Longji. : Guilin en Chengdu  A dog in one of the villages near Chengdu. : Guilin en Chengdu  You can buy dried lizzards if you like. They are mostly used in Chinese traditional medicine. : Guilin en Chengdu 
Longji Terraced Rice Fields (Dragon’s Backbone Terraced Rice Fields) are praised as the marvel of the agricultural art in China. These ancient farming legacies drench in the strong local colors, and have a history of 700 years. : Guilin en Chengdu  It's unbelievable how man was able to build this 700 years ago. And it's still working perfectly. : Guilin en Chengdu  This is the way they cook in Longji, Bamboo parts filled with rice and meat cooked above charcoal. It's really nice and tasty to eat. : Guilin en Chengdu  The Jinsha archeaological site was discovered in 2001 in Chengdu. The site has an area of five square kilometres, and a history of three thousand years. On the site there is a new museum showing the most beautifull artefacts found here. This is a golden plate showing the Phenix rising from the sun. This became the new symbol for the Chinese archaeological department. : Guilin en Chengdu  Qing Yang Taoist Temple has some great colorfull statues of ancient empires who ruled Sichuan. : Guilin en Chengdu 
Great hall in one of the temples in Chengdu. : Chengdu Shanghai  Qing Yang Taoist Temple is the No. 1 Taoist temple in west Sichuan. This is the Holy Land where Laozi once preached the Way. It is the birth place for the first patriach of Taoism. : Guilin en Chengdu  Wolong Giant Panda breading and research center. This has been completly destroyed during the earthquak, less then two weeks after we have visited it. Happely the panda's survided. : Guilin en Chengdu  Two Giant Panda's playing in a tree. : Guilin en Chengdu  A Giant Panda in a tree in Wolong. : Guilin en Chengdu 
Chicks on a birdmarket in Sanya. : Hainan en Guillin  This is the pagoda-capped Elephant Trunk Hill, or Xiangbishan, long used as the symbol of Guilin. The river is the famous Li river. : Hainan en Guillin  In the Seven Star Park of Guilin is a Chinese temple. Here people burn incenses for the gods. : Hainan en Guillin  A beautifull statue in the Chinese temple. : Hainan en Guillin  Chinese people love to play cardgames. : Hainan en Guillin 
One of the amazing waterfalls in the Five Star Park. : Hainan en Guillin  It is strange, the water is hot and comes out of the top of the hill. This is due to the vulcanic activity in this area. : Hainan en Guillin  The famous Karst hills, there are only a few places in the world where you can see this scenery. : Hainan en Guillin  The reed flute cave near Guillin. : Hainan en Guillin  Chinese love colors, even in caves. at first it's odd, but it gives some nice effects when you get used to it. : Hainan en Guillin 
Water in the cave gives a great reflection. : Hainan en Guillin  With a sitting height of 71 meters, the Leshan Giant Buddha is the now world's largest statue of a Buddha carved in rock. That's since the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan. : Chengdu  A bridge in the park of the mountain Emei Shan (3099 meters). : Chengdu  Waterfall in the Emei Shan Park. : Chengdu  There are a lot of monkeys in the Emei Shan park. : Chengdu 
A mother monkey with her child. : Chengdu  The Thousand Buddha Cliffs, unfortunately a lot has been damaged during the cultural revolution. But still it's a great place to visit. : Chengdu  Museum near the Thousand Buddha Cliffs. : Chengdu