Photo was taken from a boat, on that trip we also saw a flying fish. Near Parga.  After sunset we went to the castle on the hill. This is the view from there. Parga.  Cat behind a door in Parga.  Amphitheater in Dodoni, this is also the spot where the oracle told her visions to the public.  It is unbelievable that the old Greek could build walls with this huge, perfect fitting, rocks. Dodoni. 
An opther view on the place where the oracle used to be. Dodoni.  So much olive trees together gives a spooky green impression. Near Parga.  The burg of Ioannina, the new city has been build around it.  The Mimosa flower in Ioannina gives a little overexposure so the sky becomes dark blue.  The grave and mosque Ali Pasha, the Turkish conqueror in Ioannina. 
Swallowtail on a cannon near the mosque of Ali Pasha.  Flying back to Amsterdam, view from the plane. This are the Alps.