Down the Martha Brae river with a bambooraft, they used this rafts to transport bananas from the jungle to the villages.  When you climb the Dunns River Falls you can see the beach.  One of the many alligators that lives in the Black River.  This is Holland Bamboo Avenue, covered for two miles by bamboo  Inside of a church in Montago Bay. 
School-childeren in their uniforms behind a gate. Montago Bay.  Near the YS-waterfalls there is a little colourfull shop. This boy waves as we went to the falls.  One of the most beautifull beaches is the Walter Fletcher Beach in Montago Bay.  When a thunderstorm approaches the light on Walter Fletcher Beach changes dramaticly.  Walter Fletcher Beach, white sand, blue water and a dark sky. 
Close up from a flower near Montago Bay.  Jamaican flower in the garden of our apartment. Montago Bay.  Close up from a flower. Montago Bay.  Giant beattle (size>12cm) on a bananaleaf. Montago Bay.  Sign