Swallowtail enjoying a flower in the Provence.  Some butterflies on a thistle, also Provence.  Walking in a little French village we noticed this cat, very interested in a plant. Provence.  Late in the afternoon the light became very difuse. Poujol.  Butterfly on thistle. Provence. 
Gorges-d--Heric  A dark blue dragonfly near a river. Gorges de Heric.  This canal is connected with the Mediterranee. Agde.  The inlands of the Provence are green despite of the heat in the summer. Saint Michelle.  Field with lavender. Two things that belong together: Provence and lavender. 
Visiting a church in Valensole we noticed this statue. The light was just perfect. The original photo shows even the golden painting on the robes.  Cornfield with wild roses and a perfect blue sky. Provence.  Dragonfly in the air. Provence.  Standing on the hill near the cathedral of Marseille I took this photo of a gull flying over the city.  Some other view of the inlands from the Provence near Saint Julien. 
Butterfly on a flower  Window in a church in the Elzas : Elzas 2008  Town in the Elzas : Elzas 2008  Storks in the Elzas : Elzas 2008  Windows in a castle in the Elzas : Elzas 2008