Ancient Lycian graves, carved out of the rocks near Dalyan.  Flowers. Dalyan.  Gate in the ancient Lycian city of Kaunos.  The old Lycian city of Kaunos has a beautifull amphitheater.  Amphitheater in Kaunos. 
Amphitheater in Kaunos.  An ancient templecomplex in Kaunos.  The citywalls from the citaldel of Kaunos.  Fisherman in the harbour of Fethiya cleaning the fishingnets.  Local villagers in Bycegiz. 
Green and yellow mellons on the market in Fethiya.  On the market they keep the butter in goatskin. Fethiya.  Dalyan Bacardi Beach, to reach this beach you go trough the beautifull wetlands with a boat. It is also a famous spot for seaturtles.  Fish near a tree stump, near the Sultaniye Hotsprings near Koceygiz.