China 2009 Beiing

Our first day in Beijing, and the sun is shining on the great white Pagoda.  As she sun sets it gives a great reflection in the lake surrounding the great white pagoda  At night we ate in this restaurant with the locals. After more then we could eat and drink we had to pay € 3,-- that's not so expensive :-)  Tiananmen Square, 's worlds largest public square is the center of Beijing. Connecting the old forbidden city with the modern city.  Inside the forbidden city near the Supreme Hamony Gate. 
These giant brass pots can be found all over the forbidden city. In a time without lightning-conductors fires were common in the forbidden city.  Hall of Preserving Harmony.  Hall of Supreme Harmony.  This is the clothing for the empire. It's woven silk with gold. The empire was the only one allowed to wear the dragon symbol.  Inside the forbidden city. 
Hall of Supreme Harmony.  A banner from the empire, also showing the emperial dragon.  Detail of one of the palaces, there are no nails, screws etc. used in this buildings!  Looking at the hall of Preserving Harmony. We are standing near the palace of Heavenly Purity.  The front gates of the forbidden city. 
One of the Ming Tombs, just like in Egypt there is a valley of kings in China, near Beijing. All the famous Ming empires are burried here. This is Ding Ling, the tomb of emperor Wanli.  The road to Zhoa Ling, the tomb of emperor Longqing is 7 km long with 12 sets of stone animals and statues of officials. This statues are almost 500 years old, but look like the have been put here yesterday.  The main attraction of China, the Chinese Wall. New sattelite studies show that the walls are more the 8000 Km long!  The wall has been renovated in his original condition. Amazing piece of work.  There are a lot of stairs and it was more then 40 degrees Celsius, but more then worthwile. 
The beautifull Lama temple in Beijing.  One of the golden statues in the Lama temple.  This is not common found in Chinese temples, more in Tibetan temples. You can turn it around for praying.  Detail of the palace in the Summer Park. The lake nearby has been created by more the 100.000 labourers.  A giant brass pot, this one is also used  to extinguish fires. 
Buddhist Tenants Hall, coverd with small statues of Lord Buddha.  In the old city of Jiaxing we saw this old bicycle.  The old city of Jiaxing has been perfectly restored.  Buildings near the water in the old city of Jiaxing.  A boat in the river of the old city of Jiaxing. 
Chairman Mao is still importand for a lot of Chinese people.  The old town of Jiaxing at night.  After visiting Jiaxing we went to Shanghai and took the Maglev to go downtown.  The Maglev doesn't go to downtown, so we took the subway.  Downtown Shanghai, the famous television tower.