North India

Girl going home from school in the bus.  A little boy inside a haveli, Alsisar.  People living in the desert in the nord part of the Shekhawati area.  This is an other haveli in Bissau, take a look a the beautiful paintings.  A marketstall in Bissau. 
Inside an old fort near Bissau. Here is a small restaurant and the owner has some nice rooms for quests to rent.  The Junagarh fort in Bikaner.  One of the great halls in the Junagarh fort,  Bikaner. Notice the fine carvings in stone (the lower walls) and the fine carvings in wood (the ceiling).  This is the entrance to the world famous rat temple (Karni Mata) in Deshnok.  A wild cat has catched a pigeon. 
Beautiful Jain temples in Mandore.  A view over Jaipur a seen from the Jaigarh fort.  The famous Amber fort in Jaipur.  Running monkeys in the Keoladeo Ghana National park.  Itimad-ud-Saulah is one of the finest marble structures in the world. It's older then the Taj Mahal and lot of techniques used in this building are later used and copied in the Taj Mahal. This is also in Agra. 
The tomb of Afzal Khan and his wife in the Itimad-ud-Saulah.  This is our hotel in Alsisar, Indra vilas.  Visiting a big haveli in Bissau, just knock on the door and ask the owner if he wants to show his house.  The master bedroom in a haveli alway has this kind of glass paintings, showing Lord Krishna with a beautiful lady and a the holy Nandu (cow).  A hallway in the haveli in Bissau. 
From the high roof of the haveli you can see people on other, lower roofs. This girl is brushing her hair.  Hotel in the fort from Alsisar.  Our hotel room "the maharadja room" in Bhairon vilas, Bikaner.  One of the beautiful decorated rooms in the Junagarh fort. Most is marble, inlayed with precious stones and different colors of marble.  When a family member of the maharadjas from Bikaner dies, he (or she) will be cremated. To remember them they build this marble memorials.  This area is near Bikaner and is called Devi Kund. 
A potter working in small Vishnoi village.  The Hawa Mahal, literally meaning, palace of the winds is an important landmark of the city of Jaipur.  Inside the city palace in Jaipur.  A view over the Ranthambhore National Park.  The entrance to Fatehpur Sikri, near Agra. 
The largest stone pilar in India, the Qutb Minar is 72,5 meter high. It was build from 1193 until 1368.  Man smoking a waterpipe on the road to Alsisar.  Traffic waiting for the train to pass.  Man enjoying the morning sun in Alsisar.  Riding with a camel cart in Alsisar. 
The area around Alsisar(Shekhawati) is famous for is Haveli's: Beautiful houses with amazing paintings.  A cow in a small village.  On the roof from the havili is a small room, perhaps for the servants.  This are paintings from an old haveli (more the 200 years old). The lower paintings are already disappeard due to rain, sunshine and people urinating against the walls.  Carpenters working with wood to make cupboard, doors and beds. 
A painting of Ganasha in the  famous Sone ki Dukan haveli in Mahansar.  The dining room from the hotel in the fort in Alsisar.  A bird of prey in Ramgarh.  A camel in the Bikaner Camel research centre.  People on the roof of their houses in Bikaner. 
A girl on the roof of her house in Bikaner.  The Junagarh fort in Bikaner.  And indeed, rats everywhere.  Rat in the rat temple.  The rats are fed with milk and grain. So there are thousands all over the place. 
The train from Bikaner to Jodhpur.  A hoopoe near the road to Jodhpur.  A Rose-ringed parakeet near the road to Jodhpur.  A monkey in the gardens near Mandore.  Market in Jodhpur. 
The incedible Mehrangarh fort on the mountain in Jodhpur.  Inside the Mehrangarh fort from Jodhpur. Gold, silver, marble, beautiful carpets, mirrors, paintings. The maharadjas lived in wealth and luxury.  The blue city seen from the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur.  A vulture in the Vishnoi area.  A blackbuck in the Vishnoi area. The Vishnoi people protect every living creature in their area so most of the animals are not afraid for people. 
A monkey in the famous monkey temple Galta near Jaipur.  The famous monkey temple Galta near Jaipur.  The Jal Mahal water palace in Jaipur.  The inner entrance of the Amber fort in Jaipur.  A hallway made out of marble with thousands of mirrors in the Amber fort, Jaipur. 
A detail from one of the mirrors in the Amber fort, Jaipur.  IMG 1377  A beautiful door in the city palace of Jaipur.  Lord Shiva in the evening sun, temple in Jaipur.  A monkey in the Ranthambhore National Park. 
A small temple in the Ranthambhore National Park.  Moon and plane.  A Red vented Bubul in Ranthambhore NP.  At night there was a dancing act in our lodge (Tiger Moon) with a firebreather.  A spotted owlet in Ranthambhore NP. 
A spotted owlet inside a tree in Ranthambhore NP  A baby antelope in Ranthambhore NP.  A female Blue Bull in in Ranthambhore NP.  A bay Nilgal antelope in in Ranthambhore NP.  A white throated kingfisher in Ranthambhore NP. 
A waterbird in Ranthambhore NP.  Spotted dears in Ranthambhore NP.  Deer in Ranthambhore NP.  Leopard hunting goats near the entrance of Ranthambhore NP.  Two baby crocodiles in the sun in Ranthambhore NP. 
A little deer eating leafes in the Ranthambhore NP.  A small bird in the Ranthambhore NP.  A Jackal in the Keoladeo Ghana National park.  A bird of prey in the Keoladeo Ghana National park.  Painted storks in the Keoladeo Ghana National park. 
Baby Painted storks in the Keoladeo Ghana National park.  Painted storks flying in the Keoladeo Ghana National park.  A waterbird during sunset in the Keoladeo Ghana National park.  A flying duck in the Keoladeo Ghana National park.  Us standing in the Taj Mahal in the early morning. 
IMG 1795  Impressive, beautiful and perfect, words cannot describe what you feel if you are standing on this spot.  The with marble tomb from king Akhbar.  The entrance to the tomb from king Akhbar.  A of the beautiful building surrounding the tomb of king Akhbar. 
Inside the Itimad-ud-Saulah you can see amazing paintings and decorations.  A window in the Itimad-ud-Saulah.