Miscellaneous pictures

Frog in the Korenburgerveen nature reserve  A old textile factory where they have build apartements in.  One of my cats  A bird feeding her chicks in the Bekendelle nature reserve in the eastern part of Holland.  Some flowers on my table. Long shuttertime to make the light more serene. : Leiden 
Some yellow wild flowers  Fazant 2  A lamp hanging on the side of an old barn  Mushroom on the forest floor  A glider on a flower 
A hare in the grass  My clock.  A lightbulb  A shopping window in Holland.  Some gravity in the city of Doetinchem (the Netherlands) 
Some wild flowers  Because he is very lazy it's easy to make nice photo's.  Little backalley in Holland.  Some jewelry on close-up.  Close up from a frog. Near Ruurlo (Holland) 
A cat on a show.  A mouse in the forest  Walking in a forest in Germany.  Neon sign from the Hema, they have shops all over the Netherlands : 15 november 2010