South Africa 2007

Sunset Beach near Cape Town. : Zuid Afrika Dag 1 & 2  From the famous Table Mountain you have a good view over Cape Town. : Zuid Afrika Dag 1 & 2  A sea-gull at the Waterfront area of Cape Town. : Zuid Afrika Dag 1 & 2  A seal just gave birth to a baby seal at the Waterfront harbour. : Zuid Afrika Dag 1 & 2  Two lazy seals in the sun at the Waterfront harbour. : Zuid Afrika Dag 1 & 2 
A beautifull building at the Waterfront area. : Zuid Afrika Dag 1 & 2  Drinking a cool Miller beer on Sunset Beach is a real joy. : Zuid Afrika Dag 1 & 2  Now it clear why this is called Sunset Beach! In the back is the famous Table mountain. Near Cape Town. : Zuid Afrika Dag 1 & 2  On the famous Boulders Beach you can see a lot of pinquins and you can even swim with them if you like! : Zuid Afrika Dag 3  Birds flying over the see, seen from the top of the Cape of Good Hope. : Zuid Afrika Dag 3 
Beautifull snowwhite flowers on the Cape of Good Hope. : Zuid Afrika Dag 3  Betty-s Bay : Zuid Afrika Dag 4  Betty-s Bay (2) : Zuid Afrika Dag 4  These are klipdassies, small badgers who life on the clif. Klifdassie is Dutch and does mean clif badger. Hermanus. : Zuid Afrika Dag 4  Watching whales with a cool beer in the hand and listing to a band playing is a nice way to pass some time. : Zuid Afrika Dag 4 
A wild ostrich, this is a male because the feathers are black. The female has brown feathers. De Hoop NP.  De Hoop National Park is famous for the snow white sand dunes, the biggest in the whole world.  A ostrich family, actualy more familys but they keep all the chickens in a group together, in the back you can see a lot of other animals. De Hoop NP.  There are also monkeys in De Hoop National Park.  This is a Bonte Bok with a young, Bonte Bok means colourfull male goat in Dutch. De Hoop NP. 
South Africa’s Blue Crane is prized as a symbol royalty and only Zulu Kings are allowed to wear the feathers in their headdress.  The Bonte Bok National Park is very beautifull. There is a lot of wildlife, beautifull landscapes and a nice river flowing through the park.  This beautifull deer ran away, and stopped to see who was following. Bonte Bok NP.  The beach in De Hoop NP is beautifull, but the water cold with strong currents. You can see a lot a whales here even with calves.  It is clear why they call this the Red Stone Hills. 
We stayed near an Ostrich farm, so this is a tame one. Red Stone Hills.  A small bird close to our farmhouse in Red Stone Hills.  Knysna has also a big sweet/salt water lake with a lot of wildlife.  Knysna has a very nice harbour where you can eat the best natural oysters in the world.  Due to extremly heavy rainfall a lot of trees washed away from the hills into the sea. After a few days they came back on the beach. The floating big trees are very dangerous for boats so we could not go on a whale boating trip. Knysna. 
When the sun sets you can make very nice photos in the harbour from Knysna.  Hermanus is said to be the best spot in the world to see whales while you are standing at the coast, we believe it is true.  Every big city in South Africa has one or more so called townships where poor black people live, this is near Knysna.  There is no place in South Africa with as much wildlife in one square km as Addo National Park. : Zuid Afrika Dag 14  Three steel blue birds in a tree. Addo NP. : Zuid Afrika Dag 14 
Addo NP has also a lot of different deers. : Zuid Afrika Dag 14  A very young elephant playing with sand. Addo NP. : Zuid Afrika Dag 14  This is a yellow weaver. This was a very smart bird which was not afraid for us. Addo NP. : Zuid Afrika Dag 14  The colours of the yellow weaver are amazing. There is also a red version. : Zuid Afrika Dag 14  A zebra taking a sand bath. Addo NP. : Zuid Afrika Dag 14 
This animal, a warthog, is not rare in Addo. There are thousands of them, so you will see them for sure. : Zuid Afrika Dag 14  These animals are responseable for killing the most humans in South Africa, compard to all other wildlife! It is a Cape Buffalo. Addo NP. : Zuid Afrika Dag 14  This is a animal you will not see often, its a jackal. Addo NP.  The Dutch Church in Graaff Reinet is a beautifull building located on a square in the centre.  From above you can see that Graaff Reinet is build in a circle. 
This is the road to Graaff Reinet, like a lot of roads in South Africa it looks endless.  In the mountains near Graaff Reinet you can see for miles away.  This was the house of the Dutch governor. The city itself is named after Cornelis Jacob van de Graaf and his wife Cornelia Reynet.  Wildebeest, this is also Dutch and means wild beast. Lemoenfontein.  After we have watched them for more then 20 minutes they left. This is outside the National Park, so real wild Giraffes! 
Early in the morning we spotted a flock of Giraffes, on the photo you see two of the seven Giraffes. Near Lemoenfontein.  Springbokken, that is Dutch for jumping goats because these goats can jump very high. Lemoenfontein.  Bosch en Dal (Forrest and valley) is a beautifull example of a Dutch wine estate. More then 300 years old!  This is called Franschhoek (French corner) because the VOC did give this ground to French people who fled from the French civil war.  Inside the Bosch en Dal wine estate. 
This is Mooi Blij wine estate near Paarl, it is owned by a very friendly couple from Belgium.  The wines from Mooi Blij are matured in oak. They have many different kinds of wine which all taste very good.  It looked like time stood still inside Oom Samie se winkel.  If you visit Stellenbosch you must visit Oom Samie se Winkel, meaning the shop from uncle Samie.  Be carefull when you are driving, especialy when there are no fences. Springbokken are very fast and there are many around!