Sri Lanka 2003

The airport of Dubai is very modern and has a lot of facilities.  Bathing people in a river before a pagoda. Habarana.  There where a lot of Langurs in the garden of our hotel The Village in Habarana.  Mihintale is the place where the teachings of Lord Buddha first where heard on Sri Lanka.  School childeren in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, once the capital of Sri Lanka. 
One of the very big pagodas which are found in the ancient city of Anuradhapura.  Detail from a ancient swimmingpool in Anuradhapura.  The Buddhist flag.  Craftsman Kamura is very friendly and makes beautifull copper boxes engraved with elephants. Near the Lion Rock.  The ancient city of Polonnaruwa is an other ancient capital of Sri Lanka. This is a watchstone which stands before the enterance to a temple. 
One of the many beautifull temples in Polonnaruwa.  An overview of some of the ancient buildings and templecomplexes in Polonnaruwa'  There are a few very big pagodas in Polonnaruwa, this is one of them.  The main road of Polonnaruwa.  There are a lot of King Fishers in Sri Lanka, because of the tanks they use to collect water in. Near Polonnaruwa. 
Screaming monkey. Near Polonnaruwa.  Some young monks and their family. Near Polonnaruwa.  View over the ricefields near Habarana.  Doing a jeep safari we did see wild elephants just outside a national park. Near Habarana.  Sunset at the lake in Habarana. 
Hindu gods in the temple (Vishnu and Lakshmi?) in Trincomalee.  Inside the Hindu temple.  Pigeon Island, named after the many pigeons who live here. Near Nillaveli.  Langur with young in the garden of the Nilavelli beach hotel.  Nilavelli beach is very famous, so even the cows like the beach. 
On the road to an ancient Buddhist temple we came across a lot of oxs. Near Trincomalee.  Going back to Colombo we visited the elphant orphanage again.  When the elphants where bathing Marjolein was allowed to enter the river with a elephant.